Inside Health: What’s stopping us from exercising in older age?

October 19, 2023
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Earlier this week, IMH researcher Cassandra Phoenix featured in an episode of Inside Health with James Gallagher exploring the mental, physical and societal barriers that prevent us from exercising in older age.

Cassie is Professor in Durham’s Department of Sport and Exercise Science and Lead of the Moving Bodies Labin the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities.

Physical activity in older age is high on the public health agenda, but the idea that with age comes time and a desire to ‘get out there’ isn’t true for a lot of us. How do you juggle exercise around caring for partners, grandchildren or staying in work? What if you haven’t exercised for years? What can your body take, and how has it changed with age?

In this episode of Inside Health, James Gallagher hears how octogenarian athlete Edwina Brocklesby (aka. ‘Irongran’) keeps going, explores the kinds of things that stop us exercising, and finds out what he might feel like in 40 years as he puts on an ageing suit.

You can catch the full episode on BBC Sounds and on the Inside Health programme website.

Listen to Inside Health: What’s stopping us from exercising in older age?

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