Our Labs

The Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities hosts six Labs for catalysing new ways to research health and human experience.

Our Labs will use creative and experimental approaches to generate new research questions on topics such as chronic pain, addiction, mental health, movement, neurodiversity and disability, as well as exploring the links between reading, narrative and well-being.

Narrative Practices Lab Logo. The outline of two faces look at each other.

The Narrative Practices Lab

Developing new and critical approaches to the use of narrative and story-telling in conversations about health.

Narrative Practices Lab logo. The outline of a camera with an eye for a lens.

The Visual & Material Lab

Exploring the new questions and perspectives on health that are generated when visual and material culture is taken as a starting point.

Moving Bodies Logo. Abstract icons of person and butterfly rising together.

The Moving Bodies Lab

Rethinking dominant approaches to moving bodies in public health and wellbeing contexts.

Narrative and Cognition Lab logo. Outline of a cube.

The Narrative & Cognition Lab

Bringing together narrative theorists, cognitive scientists and narrative creators across media and technologies to explore and co-model cognition.

Measurement Lab logo. The outline of a tape measure.

The Measurement Lab

Exploring the political, historical and philosophical meanings of measurement and its function in medicine and in health.

Affective Experience Lab logo. The outline of a teardrop with a star in its centre.

The Affective Experience Lab

Using the humanities and social sciences to generate new insights into the relationship between emotion and health.