The Affective Experience Lab

Platform on a stormy sea. In the middle of the platform is a crying White feminine-presenting person dressed in medieval garb. On their left is a small ballerina perched on a gramophone with a large eyeball above both. On the right of the main figure is a Black male-presenting person sat on the floor, staring contemplatively to the side. The platform is framed by two arches with a row of green plants along the bottom.
Affective Experience Lab logo. The outline of a teardrop with a star in its centre.

The Affective Experience Lab brings interdisciplinary insights into the link between feeling, emotion and affect.

Feelings (affects) and emotions shape our sense of health in all sorts of ways, yet these experiences can often be very difficult to articulate. It’s easy to measure your pulse or take your temperature. Modern technology even allows us to monitor people’s brain activity from moment to moment. Yet we still struggle to understand the complexity of people’s emotional worlds and the transformative impact that they have on our day-to-day wellbeing.   

The Affective Experience Lab, led by Corinne Saunders and Fraser Riddell, will use innovative, interdisciplinary research methods drawn from the arts and humanities, social sciences and sciences to generate new insights about the relationship between feeling, emotion and health.  


Watch: An introduction to The Affective Experience Lab.

European Medieval queen in a white headdress and dark blue robe holds a flower.


Small ballerina stood on a large gramaphone.