The Moving Bodies Lab

A platform on a stormy sea. On the platform, a group of people of various body types, backgrounds and ages are performing different exercises. The platform is covered in grass, with a row of plants and a single tree behind the figures. In the back left of the platform, an arch with a group of butterflies frames a hanging bird cage.
Moving Bodies Logo. Abstract icons of person and butterfly rising together.

The Moving Bodies Lab investigates and experiments with the ways in which moving bodies connect to health.

Physical activity is important for our health and wellbeing. But how, when, where, and why we move is influenced by broader social, cultural, and environmental forces often outside our control. Movement also connects us with other bodies, objects, and things, but experiences of movement can be difficult to describe, explain or measure. 

Led by Cassandra Phoenix, this Lab will explore the experiences and politics of bodily movement across a range of relationships, spaces, and contexts to advance interdisciplinary methods, theories, and approaches for researching moving bodies. 

Watch: An introduction to The Moving Bodies Lab

Person doing tai chi in mauve clothing.


Hanging birdcage containing two red-chested birds.