About us

The Moving Bodies Lab seeks to investigate as well as experiment with the ways in which moving bodies connect to health.

We research the experiences and politics of moving bodies by exploring what “counts” as a moving body in the context of health. Rather than see moving more as “better” for health, we start with the moving body itself and the methodological issues and opportunities that moving bodies create. For example, we might ask: 

What happens when we try to capture, represent, translate, or measure moving bodies?

What histories, disciplines, and practices do we draw on when we research movement and health?

How might some moving bodies be favoured or excluded within methodologies?

Our theoretical attention to the connections between moving bodies and health means we are interested in how movement creates embodied encounters with the world, for example through and with: 

  • Technologies, objects, and artefacts 
  • Ecologies 
  • Art 
  • Human and non-human bodies  
  • Places and spaces  
  • Discursive landscapes

We consider the histories and futures of moving bodies to be important methodologically. This means creating meaningful engagements with policy histories and trajectories, maps, stories, and literature.

Through methodological experimentation, our aim is to broaden understandings of the moving body and its potential to effect health.

Photos: The Moving Bodies Lab Away Day, 2024.