A group of people in coats walking away from the camera down a path lined with trees and green grass.

Green Social Prescribing

This project uses ethnographic methods to explore green social prescribing – an initiative that draws on the notion that taking part in activities in ‘nature’ is restorative and refers patients into ‘green’ activities, including walking and gardening.  

A woman with brown curly shoulder length hair smiling and looking at the camera.

Kinaesthetic Modernism

Drawing on methodologies from literary criticism, cultural history, and performance studies, combining close reading with archival research in literary and dance collections, this project examines how understandings of kinaesthesia, the sense of movement, shaped modernist literary cultures in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries 

Green Moving Social Work logo on a black background

Moving Social Work

Moving Social Work is a co-produced training programme designed to support social workers in promoting physical activity to disabled people – moving more often for social justice, wellbeing, and good health.

Two women running outside towards the camera.

Moving through Menopause

This project uses go-along interviews, arts-based, and qualitative survey methods to understand how women’s embodied experiences of menopause impacts their encounters with physical activity and the meanings that it holds.

Move Mates logo. A green icon showing people walking next to the words Move Mates.

Movement and Care

In partnership with a walking buddy scheme, Move Mates, this co-produced research will bring together theoretical knowledge of the links between moving bodies and care with Move Mates’ aims and processes around creating mutually beneficial ‘pairings’ of walkers.

Weathered Lives logo. A grey cloud with sun rays and rain and the words 'Weathered Lives'

Weathered Lives

Everyday weather shapes what we see, feel, say, where we go, and what we do when we get there. Using go-along methods and creative practice (poetry workshops), this transdisciplinary programme of work seeks to understand how we live and move well with weather in the context of a changing climate.