The Narrative & Cognition Lab

A platform on a stormy sea. A person stands pointing at an open doorway. In the doorway is a collection of objects in front of a blue sky framed by a pair of red curtains, including a brain, a typewriter and a hat.
Narrative and Cognition Lab logo. Outline of a cube.

How narrative is your sense of self, your memories, emotions, fears, desires or dreams? What do you see in your imagination when you read a novel?
How often do elements of a book or a movie enter your everyday life?

Narrative and experience are deeply entwined. Yet despite this natural convergence, the exchange between narrative scholars, fictional world-makers and mind scientists is hampered by methodological barriers and a lack of mutual collaboration.  

Led by Marco Bernini, the Narrative and Cognition Lab will create a space for collaborations grounded in ‘operational empathy’ – a reciprocal understanding of scientific and narrative methods, models, and findings – to catalyse research across these fields and innovate the science of mind.


Watch: An introduction to The Narrative & Cognition Lab