The Visual & Material Lab

Platform on a stormy sea. In the middle of the platform is a human figure with the circulatory system, surrounded by art tools. Behind the figure is a photograph of a clear blue sky with rips revealing human x-rays.
Visual and Material Lab logo. The outline of a camera with an eye for a lens.

Building the visual medical humanities

What might working with objects, images, and artworks bring to our understanding of health and illness? How can collaborating with artists and other visual practitioners help to centre different kinds of experience and support new voices in health research? 

The Visual and Material Lab looks to the questions, methods and alternative perspectives on health and wellbeing that are generated when visual and material culture is taken as a starting point. Led by Fiona Johnstone, it will support projects, fellowships and an extended network of researchers and creative practitioners to build capacity in the field of visual medical humanities.   

Watch: An introduction to The Visual & Material Lab

Ripped blue sky with hand x-ray peeping through.


Old-fashioned camera on a wooden deck.