Narrative and Cognition Lab Events Programme, Nov 2023–June 2024

January 21, 2024
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The Narrative and Cognition Lab in the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities is pleased to release its full line-up of events for this academic year. All events will be hybrid and take place at Durham University. For more details, please download the full NCL Events Programme Nov 2023–Jun 2024 or sign up to the NCLab mailing list

Nov 2023

Lab Guest: Dominique Julien (French Studies, UCSB) and Richard Walsh (Narrative Theory, York)

Nov 24, 5-7pm, TLC113 –  ‘Inaugural Lectures on Conscious Illusions: Dreams, Narrative and Secular Magic’

April 2024

Lab Guest: Dan A. Newman (Narrative Theory, Toronto) and Sean Yeager (Narrative Theory, Ohio States)

April 22, 5-7pm, TLC113, ‘Science on Narrative // Narrative on Science’ Seminar + Passport Talk on ‘Characters and Cognition’

May 2024

Lab Guest: Lamyk Bekius (Genetic Narratology, Antwerp)

May 17, 5-6.30pm, IMH and Zoom – ‘Passport Talk’ on ‘Writing, Creativity, and Keystrokes Data

31, Location TBC – Lab Workshop: ‘Narrative Theory and Cognitive Science: Still a Problematic Relationship?

Workshop Speakers: Merja Polvinen (Narrative Theory, Helsinki), Marco Caracciolo (Narrative Theory, Ghent), Lars Bernaert (Narrative Theory, Ghent), Richard Walsh (Narrative Theory, York), Emily Troshianko (Narrative Theory, Oxford), Mike Wheeler (Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Stirling), John Sutton (Philosophy of Mind, Macquarie), Peter Garratt, (Cognitive Humanities, Durham), Marco Bernini (Narrative Theory, Durham).

June 2024

Lab Guest: Thomas Pierce (Author of The Afterlives)

June 13, 5-6.45pm, TLC113 – ‘Science onNarrative // Narrative on Science’ Seminar
June 14, 5-6.45pm, CL406 – ‘World-Building’Seminar (a conversation on The Afterlives)

A Peek into the Future (Confirmed Guests for Fall 2024/ Winter 2025)

Ken Kosik (Neurobiology, UCSB), Mark Rowlands (Philosophy of Mind, Miami), Paul Armstrong (Narrative Theory, Brown University), Joel Krueger (Phenomenology, Exeter), Karin Kukkonen (Narrative Theory, Oslo).

For any questions about the work of the Lab, please contact Marco Bernini

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