Sensing Through Description

May 2, 2024
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Date and time

Thursday, June 20 · 9:30am – 5:30pm GMT+1


Tom Percival AnnexeBrooks House Parsons Field Durham DH1 3JP

The Affective Experience Lab warmly invites you to this symposium on how we come to understand embodied experience through different modes, styles and scales of description. The panels involve a range of scholars from across arts and humanities and social sciences, including those engaged with ethnographic qualitative methods in anthropology, ekphrastic approaches in visual cultures, historians of the senses, literary scholars.

Papers will include the following:

  • ‘Measuring the Embodied, Multisensory Self’ – Professor Dorothy Cowie (Psychology)
  • ‘Embodiment, Trauma and the Limits of Ethnographic Writing’ – Dr Sitna Quiroz (Theology and Religion)
  • ‘Is There Such a Thing as “Mystical Experience”?’ – Dr Hannah Lucas (English)
  • ‘Beyond words: sound effects and spatialisation in Enhanced Audio Description (EAD)’
    – Professor Mariana López (Sound Production and Post Production)
  • ‘Writing through the Tactile: Sensations, Accumulations, Membranes’ – Dr Fusako Innami (Japanese)
  • ‘Build Your Own Hospital: Healthcare Design Through Public Engagement’ – Dr Benjamin Dalton (French Studies)
  • ‘When Multisensory Autoethnography Meets Ecosocial Theory: Embodied Experiences and Trajectories of Disease in COVID-19 and Long Covid’ – Dr Angela Marques Felipe (Global Sociology and Health)
  • ‘Thickening Something: Convergent Music, Affect, and Sociability on the Dancefloor’ – Dr Luis-Manuel Garcia-Mispireta (Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies)

This event will be concluded with a hybrid keynote lecture by Professor Heather Love. If you wish to attend just the keynote, head over to this Eventbrite page.

In her paper titled ‘Empathy Capture’, Prof. Love addresses the question of empathy in medical training, considering various methods for describing and analyzing the medical students’ quality of attention, concluding by considering the affordances and drawbacks of literature in the context of medical pedagogy.

About the speaker:

Heather Love is the author of Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History and Underdogs: Social Deviance and Queer Theory. Love has written on topics including comparative social stigma, compulsory happiness, transgender fiction, spinster aesthetics, and reading methods in literary studies. She is currently working on a new project (“To Be Real”, supported by the Guggenheim Foundation), concerning the uses of the personal in queer writing.

The symposium is hosted by the Affective Experience Lab, which is led by Dr Fraser Riddell and Professor Corinne Saunders in the Discovery Research Platform.

This event is free to attend.

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