About The WellSpring

A collaboration with ReCoCo

What happens at The WellSpring?

The Wellspring hosts conversations, workshops and opportunities for learning and shaping methodological innovations – for example, around digital storytelling or countermapping – to bring students, staff and together to co-produce new innovative research questions, activities and methods.

We deepen understandings of processes, including the journeys experienced by students, staff and trainers at ReCoCo, and the processes that enable innovative and co-produced research to happen. We also explore how power dynamics and inequalities shape experiences of mental health and recovery, and how lived experiences can be brought into health policy and strategy to help shape decision making and service provision.

A floating floral island. On the island, a collection of people from different ages and backgrounds are protesting.

We investigate how peer led education and peer support is enabled, what this means to ReCoCo members, and how its role in promoting recovery can be evidenced.

Crucially, we are developing an engaged, supportive and creative space in which people who are all too often ignored or disenfranchised can shape the national and international health research and care agenda and have their voices heard.

About ReCoCo

ReCoCo is a collective enterprise providing a peer led, peer delivered education and support service where people can learn from each other’s insights, skills and lived experience. They promote recovery through education and activities that enable connection and friendship, as well as a sense of belonging and acceptance for who, what and how we all are.