The Moving Bodies Lab publishes first newsletter

June 14, 2024
Inbox preview of Moving Bodies Lab Newsletter. The screen shot features the Moving Bodies Lab official artwork (A platform on a stormy sea on which a group of people of various body types, backgrounds and ages are perform different exercises). Beneath the image, is the heading "The Moving Bodies Lab Newsletter" in large dark blue font on a grey background and a subtitle in dark grey font which reads "June 2024).

Announcing the publication of the very first online newsletter from the Moving Bodies Lab.

In this first edition, the Moving Bodies Lab team share highlights from their first months as a lab, including grant successes, a Polyphony Takeover, an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health, and much, much more…

Find out more about what they’ve been up to – and upcoming lab events that you can get involved with – using the link below.

Download the Moving Bodies Lab Newsletter: June 2024 edition

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The Moving Bodies Lab

The Moving Bodies Lab

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